Design Resources

Design Resources

Design ResourcesDesigning may look easy to some, but it can be quite difficult. The design community understands this and offers many amazing tools to help you.

Today we are going to share a few of the sites that we at teelaunch like to use to aid our design process.

License free image sites are excellent for using an image heavy design. These sites usually have amazing hi-res images that can be used free of charge. Extremely talented photographers made their work available to you to use as you wish… How awesome is that?!

Design ResourcesDesign tool sites are great resources for the more technical side of designing. You can find everything from fonts to textures to color combinations. Not all of the sites we’ve listed are 100% free, but think of the fees as investments into your design future. Sites like “Design Cuts” are starting to become popular because they use the “bundle” technique.

Every few weeks, they come out with a bundle of very useful items for a small fee (usually $29). This may seem like a lot, but when you actually look at what you’re getting and imagine the possibilities, it’s totally worth it. Not to mention that you are saving hundreds of dollars if you were to purchase these items individually.

Design Resources
Design inspiration sites are important too. These sites help get those creative juices flowing. Personally I like to take time to visit these types of sites multiple times throughout a normal day. I not only like to be in awe of amazing work, I like to make notes of common design trends that I can incorporate into my own work.

I hope you find these resources helpful. If you have any other sites you would like to add to our list, please leave a link in the comment section!

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