Creative Ways to Approach Valentine’s Day

Creative Ways to Approach Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and with that comes new challenges. We wanted to take this opportunity to share some fun and creative ways to utilize our product catalog to your advantage. We will be covering a wide range of products, design concepts, and even offering some design freebies! Remember, Valentine’s Day is February 14th, so make sure to start promoting your products as soon as possible.

Personalized Design Ideas

Since V-Day is all about personal relationships, personalized products are king. Products that are personalized require more effort from the seller, but are much more meaningful to the recipient. This means higher conversion rates, bigger profit margins, and more frequent repeat business. Check out some fun new ways to approach personalized products below!

Valentine’s Day is all about love, but not everyone has a significant other they can share the day with and that is often lost in the shuffle on this holiday. Don’t leave this market out of your strategy this year. We suggest approaching the topic of love from all angles. Our strategy for this particular design was to view love through a pet owner’s eyes. We wanted to avoid the classic V-Day design elements so this product could be proudly displayed and shown off all year round. Since it is personalized with an image, it will require communication with your customers and some simple design work (swapping out photos).

Wall art is also an amazing vessel to channel emotion for the viewer/recipient. What better way to evoke the feeling of love than through a personalized high-quality work of art?!

Our canvas examples feature a customer’s favorite photo of the couple paired with a meaningful saying or quote. These are not overly complex examples, but you can take this concept in any direction you would like! A gift like this would almost certainly become a statement piece in any home.

The Framed Art Print example is a little more involved than the canvas concept, but the sentiment and execution is still the same. We thought the imagery of the location of the first date or the couple’s favorite spot would be an incredibly thoughtful gift idea. In the example we provided, we went a step further and stylized the image by adding a tear effect and inserting a beautiful little note that ties together nicely with the theme of a first date. This concept would also work well on a canvas.

Creative Ways To Approach Valentine's Day

Posters are a little less permanent and a little more youthful. Thus, they should probably be treated as such. This is why we decided to be a little more light-hearted with this personalized concept. Since the dating world has changed drastically over the last few years, we thought it could be a fun idea to use a screenshot of a dating app and/or text message conversation and immortalize it in poster form!

Creative Ways To Approach Valentine's Day

Accent Pillows are another great product for personalization. Since you have the ability to customize the front and back of the pillow, it is the perfect opportunity to apply a message on one side and a photo on the other. In our example, we visualized the gift giver being the one on the pillow so the recipient would have something to hug and hold that would remind them of their partner.

The last personalized product we want to feature is our new metal signs. Metal signs are perfect for personalization and can be approached in a variety of ways. You can take the approach of using monograms, last name, dates, common interests. Pretty much anything goes when it comes to a metal sign!

Universal V-Day Design Ideas

Now that we have covered some personalized design ideas, let’s dive into some design concepts that are a little more universal. These designs are product specific but hopefully give you some inspiration for your own creation process. Check them out below!

Anti-Valentine’s Designs

The last design concept we wanted to touch on is that of Anti-Valentine’s Day. This would be designs that poke fun at the holiday for those among us who despise it. Depending on your demographic, store-type, design esthetic, or sense of humor this concept may or may not work for you. We would suggest looking at Valentine’s Day through a more cynical lens and focus on themes that would be more ironic and humorous. Take our Anti Valentines Social Club shirt for example… It is a play on a popular streetwear brand that is extremely trendy but would appeal to those who may view the holiday in jest. It’s fun but also a little jaded which plays into the theme of Anti-Valentine’s Day. The beauty of this approach is that you can get as crazy as your heart desires. Have fun with it and don’t let that heart shaped box of chocolates confine your creativity!

We hope this blog has given you some inspiration to approach Valentine’s Day with confidence and a new outlook on what is possible. To help jumpstart the creation process, we wanted to supply our users with some free designs featured in this post (download here). Feel free to edit/alter the designs however you see fit. Happy designing and selling teelaunchers!

*The blanket design is created specifically for the large fleece blanket. We strongly recommend removing the medium and small blanket option if you choose to sell a blanket with this design.