Posterize Your Designs

Posterize Your Designs

Did you know that teelaunch has offered posters for nearly two years? They have been a very successful product for our users and the market is still flourishing. The purpose of this blog post is to remind the teelaunch community that we offer unique borderless matte posters that are of supreme quality. We also are excited to inform you that we have updated our poster mockup images to help enhance your sales opportunities.

Why Posters with teelaunch?

• Available in 3 sizes: 24×36, 18×24, 11×17

• Printed with Dye/Pigment Reactive Ink: Makes for accurate & vibrant prints.

• Printed on archival matte paper: Matte paper adds a high quality feel that does not attract finger prints.

• Heavy weight (230gsm), thick base (9.5mil) stock paper: When you feel these posters, you know they are top notch quality.

• Borderless prints: We have the ability to print to the edge of the poster so there is no white border surrounding your artwork.

• Shipped in heavy duty poster tube: In order to protect your customer’s purchase, we ship all of our posters with the utmost care.

Made in the USA

11×17: $8.00  |  18×24: $12.00  |  24×36: $16.00

US Shipping: (11×17) $4.00 (18×24 & 24×36) $6.00

International Shipping: (11×17) $10.00 (18×24 & 24×36) $12.00

Shipping for Additional Items: $1.00

The teelaunch posters are a unique and affordable option for customers looking to enhance their living space. Add them to your store today and grab a piece of the poster market. You can find the posters in the “Wall Art” section of the teelaunch app.