New Mug Mockups and Production Changes

New Mug Mockups and Production Changes

One of our main focuses for 2018 has been mockups. We started the year by rolling out our new mockup engine and we’ve updated several products already. We’re now happy to announce that we’ve completed the overhaul of our mug mockups. The new mockups are more realistic and can better help your customer envision the size with the addition of hands. We can’t wait to see how these new mockups help you sell more mugs.

Now for some not so great news. Our international mug supplier suddenly informed us that they no longer desired to be in the wholesale mug business. They want to focus on their main direct to consumer business. We were given very little notice and have been working hard to onboard new mug vendors to make sure there was no interruption in service.

We were able to rapidly onboard 2 new vendors to replace them and we are forced to raise some prices and discontinue some overseas production.

For the US everything will stay the same. We are selling all the same products at the same prices.

For the UK market, the 11 oz white mug pricing is unchanged, but the 11 oz accent mug shipping price is being increased by $1. The 15 oz white mug will now ship from the UK so the shipping price has been decreased by $3.50.

For the Australian market, the 11 oz white mug shipping price is increasing by $3.50 and we will no longer be able to ship accent mugs from Australia.  We are able however to ship the 15 oz white from Australia so the shipping price has been decreased by $0.75.

For the Canadian market, we were unable to find another vendor so for now everything will ship from the US and you will be charged international shipping rates. That shipping rate has been lowered from $10 to $8.50.

The price increases will start June 22, 2018. We are working hard to find a Canadian supplier and we’ve taken steps to make sure that we won’t have to raise prices like this again.