New Cut & Sew Sublimated Tanks

We are so excited to finally announce the release of our latest product…Cut & Sew Sublimated Tank Tops! These tanks are truly the bee’s knees. We are offering three colors of pre-dyed backs to choose from (Black, Scarlet Red & Hi-Vis Green) to start, with the potential to add 18 more colors in the future (the more tanks you sell the faster we can add these other colors). The most amazing aspect about these tanks, though, is that they are cut & sew.

Why is this “so amazing” you may ask? Previously the sublimation process was done on an already sewn together tank top. While there is nothing wrong with that method it’s not the best way to do it, cut and sew is far superior. This process left room for imperfections around creases and ink marks on the back portion of the garment. By being able to print on just the front of the tank, this will cut down on imperfections and allow for much more accurate prints. Traditionally doing cut & sew on demand has been pretty hard but we’ve put together a system that works really well. Additionally, the sewing process would usually mean an increase in price, but we were able to add this awesome new product with no change in price ($15).

Pre-Dyed Backs


We’re excited to see what you come up with. What are you still doing here reading this blog post, get designing and keep an eye out for cut & sew sublimated tees in the near future.

Red Back
Black Back
Hi-Vis Back
Andy McGuire

Andy is the Graphic Designer for teelaunch. Basically he gets to make fun stuff all day long while the rest of us actually work.