The Sevens are Here

First off let me apologize for it taking so long. During this process I learned a pretty important lesson about international sourcing. Phone cases are basically made in two places, China & South Korea. The Chinese cases are super easy to get but they, to put it bluntly, suck. The higher quality cases and the ones we currently use are from South Korea. When we lost our blank case supplier a few months ago we had to scramble to find a new one. The problem we had is since we wanted to keep our prices the same we had to find the cases at an affordable price. That meant we had to cut out the middleman and order them directly from South Korea.

It took a while to track someone down that could help us. Then you have the process of ordering samples and doing print test to make sure the cases print well. Then we had the fun task of sending an international wire transfer (which scared the crap out of me). But in the end I’m now looking at a gigantic of pile of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases that are┬áready for your artwork. Also now that we have a reliable source of cases going forward we’ll be able to launch new models much sooner.


Nick is the Chief Creative Officer at teelaunch which is a fancy way of saying he tries to make everything we do here at teelaunch better every day.