Mugs all over the world

Everyone loves a good mug. You can use it for the coffee you desperately need to wake up or the herbal tea you need to get over a cold. From California to the UK, people are buying mugs with YOUR designs. Sadly, our friends overseas tend to have a worse online buying experience. Not only do they have higher shipping costs and wait times, they also have to deal with annoying things like duties and taxes.

Here at teelaunch we wanted a solution, so we went out and found one. A large percentage of your customers are coming from Canada, the UK, and Australia/New Zealand and we want to keep them all happy. We’ve partnered with a new company to handle the production of 11 oz white mugs for our customers in the UK, Canada, and Australia/New Zealand. Instead of producing them in the US and shipping them overseas they are now produced in country making the mugs cheaper and getting them to the your customers quicker.

New Mug Prices

Shipped to USA
$3.50 Mug + $4.50 Shipping = $8.00
$3.00 per additional mug.

Shipped to Canada
$3.50 Mug+ $5.50 Shipping ($4.50 decrease) = $9.00
$3.00 per additional mug.

Shipped to UK
$3.50 Mug +$5.50 Shipping($4.50 decrease) = $9.00
$3.00 per additional mug.

Shipped to AU/NZ
$3.50 Mug +$5.50 Shipping ($4.50 decrease) = $9.00
$3.00 per additional mug.

Shipped Everywhere Else
$3.50 Mug +$10.00 Shipping = $13.50
$3.00 per additional mug.

With the addition of these facilities the majority of your international customers will get their mugs in under a week (nearly a 75% decrease in transit time) Even better? We’ve also noticed a huge decrease in mug breakage with these new facilities, as international shipping from the USA tends to be especially rough.

We are always working hard to make sure you and your customers get the best product at the most affordable price. We hope these new changes will not only make you happy, but it will keep your international customers coming back for more mugs!

Christopher Hamze

Founder of teelaunch | Harnessing AI for Creative Print on Demand | Redefining E-commerce One Product at a Time