10x’ing your conversion rate with Canadian Buyers

10x’ing your conversion rate with Canadian Buyers

Improving your Canadian Buyer Experience

No longer can e-commerce shops focus solely on the buying experience of domestic customers. International customers are clamoring for products outside their home country. But because of high shipping prices, erratic duties and fees, and long shipping times these customers are having a much different experience than domestic customers.

Nearly 60% of the Canadians online spending in 2012 was with sellers outside of Canada. But although Canada is spending most of their money online outside the country they are being hit with custom fees and duties. Canada has a very low exemption amount and requires duties be paid on online purchases of CA$20 ($14.93) or more that come into the country

So this is why I’m excited. I’ve been working for months on a printing facility in Vancouver, BC. The opening of this facility will allow teelaunch to do three important items to increase your conversion rate with Canadian consumers.

  • Decreased Shipping Prices: On the Heavyweight Shirts (Gildan 5000) and Hoodies our shipping prices will now be the same for US and Canada. $4 for Shirts and $8 for Hoodies.
  • Faster Shipping Times: Shipping times will decrease by at least 50%.
  • No Duties: No chance of your customers having to pay duties or customs fees.

Not all sizes and colors are available in Canada. The following list is all styles, sizes and colors that ship from Canada. If the order is for a different size/color than it will ship from the US.

Black, Forest, Red: S – 2XL

White, Heather Gray, Black, Navy, Red, Forest, Kelly, Light Blue, Royal, Charcoal, Heliconia, Maroon, Purple: S – 2XL

Gildan 5000:
White, Black, Navy, Royal: S – 5XL

Irish Green, Orange, Purple, Red: S – 3XL

Gildan 5000L:
White, Black, Navy, Royal, Sport Grey, Red, Azalea: S – 2XL

Canvas 3001:
White, Black, Navy, Red, Royal, Asphalt: S – 2XL

Canvas 6004:
Heather Grey: S – 2XL