Promoting your products on YouTube

Promoting Your Products On YoutubeYouTube is awesome, we love it here at teelaunch. While I was uploading some new videos to the teelaunch channel the other day I came across a feature that I haven’t heard much about before, YouTube cards.

Cards basically allow you put links inside your videos. Adding a card puts up a little “i” in the upper right hand corner along with some teaser text that your viewers can click on and then go directly to your site. Sure you could put a link in the description but people don’t always read the description and if the video is embedded than they won’t see the description at all. There is no substitute for having the content right up front.

Promoting Your Products On Youtube

To me this is a super powerful feature and I’m currently using it on the videos here at teelaunch (see the video on this post as an example). Do you use YouTube to sell your products? Drop a comment below with a link to your channel. We would love to talk with you more about it.


Nick is the Chief Creative Officer at teelaunch which is a fancy way of saying he tries to make everything we do here at teelaunch better every day.