Introducing our new Etsy App + New Products

You cannot imagine how excited I am for this. The pandemic delayed us so much on this launch, but we’re finally at a point to release to our customers. You’ll see it fixes many of the issues with our previous integration.

Mother’s Day is one of the largest sales opportunities for Etsy and we wanted to give you all these new products & features to help make your Mother’s Day selling season super profitable.

Notable Improvements

  • Shopify is no longer required in order to use our Etsy integration.
  • We have sped up product creation by 5x, allowing you to create more products in a shorter amount of time.
  • You are now able to connect multiple Etsy stores to one single account.
  • The image replacement feature (used for personalization) is now available on every single product.
  • Tumblers, coffee mugs, and canvas wall art can now be combined into one product listing.
  • Coffee mugs and throw pillows are now double sided with the ability to have different designs on each side.

NOTE: The current teelaunch Shopify app and new Etsy app are not connected at all. But in 6 weeks we will have the Shopify integration for this new app finished and we retire the 1.0 app and use this new app will be used for both Etsy and for Shopify (and many other integrations coming out later this year). We are working on a product importer to ensure a seamless transition from the old Shopify to the new Shopify app.

Existing Etsy Integrations Users:
You are able to use both the new Etsy app and the old Shopify/Etsy integration at the same time. If want you want manually recreate all of your products in the new app to get access to new mockups and features, you can do that. But if you do, make sure to disconnect the old etsy integration from Shopify so you don’t have duplicate orders batching into our system.

Otherwise I suggest you use the new Etsy integration for new products or new designs only as we have a product importer (importing products created in the current Shopify app to the new app) under development and I don’t want you to have to re-create all your products unnecessarily.

If you are unsure of anything or have any concerns or questions please email before disconnecting the old app or remaking any products that already in the current teelaunch app.

New Products
Currently only available in our Etsy app

I am VERY excited to announce that Kristy, Head of Customer Service, has been promoted to Director of Operations. So don’t worry if you don’t see Kristy answering as many of your tickets as she used to, we’re onboarding many new customer service reps and are using Kristy’s considerable talents to help us with the app, new products, and keeping products shipping on time.

Christopher Hamze

Fond of pens, spreadsheets and helping you grow your business through print on demand manufacturing.