Ugly Sweaters Lead To Pretty Sales

Most people don’t go out of their way to buy apparel they consider to be ugly. But over the last few years that’s changed, at least around the holiday season. Today, ugly holiday sweaters have morphed from comically ugly hand-knit apparel to a year-round enterprise potentially worth millions of dollars. With that in mind, we decided to reintroduce our line of cut & sew sublimated holiday sweatshirts.

If you have been with teelaunch for a while, you may remember we offered these amazing sweatshirts last holiday season. Well, they are back and at a cheaper price-point than last year! They are the same 100% polyester, performance insulated sweatshirts your customers know and love.

NEW Cost: $25.00
US Shipping: $8.00
International Shipping: $10.00
Additional: $2.00

Designing Your Sweater

These sweatshirts are printed via sublimation then sewn together. This is a much more accurate process than sublimation done on an already finished product where imperfections can occur due to creasing. The cut & sew process does take a little longer, but the finished product is worthy of your customer’s satisfaction.

You have the option to upload artwork for the front and back of the sweatshirts. In order to simplify the design process, we have given you the choice of 10 different color options for the collar, waistband, and sleeves. We are also giving you the opportunity to pick (if you would like) to have a design for the back or a solid color that matches the sleeve color you select.

The beauty of these sweatshirts is having total control over how the garment looks. You can go as wild and crazy as you can possibly imagine or you can be subtle in your approach while still utilizing the full capabilities of the sublimation process.

Design Template

Because accuracy is important, we suggest you follow the print template supplied within the app to ensure the best possible print. Keep the most important aspects of your design within the safe zone and make sure to fill the entire bleed area with artwork so there are no areas that are left blank during the sublimation process. If you follow the template correctly, it will minimize the chances of errors while at the manufacturer.

You can find this product located in the “All Over Print” category of the teelaunch app. Add them to your store and start spreading holiday cheer today!

Sarah Wadsworth

Graphic Designer at teelaunch